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Storage - The Face Case

WARNING: Photos are large and may take some time to download.

01/06/2005: Here are photographs of my large "face case," the enormous (nearly 3 feet tall, over 4,000 cubic inches inside) traincase that I use for my travel kit. Inside this case are dozens of products that I don't use daily -- foundations and concealers in a range of shades, paintsticks, special effects products, false beards, etc.

Full Side Shots:
   #1    #2    #3    #4

Detail Shots:
   #1    #2    #3    #4    #5

Open Case Shots:
   Looking down inside the top level (with the lid removed).
   With the front doors open (note the pockets and bottom drawer).
   Looking down inside the bottom level (with the top tier removed).

A little background: This case, purchased on eBay, was originally designed to be a dog grooming travel case. But it's great for make-up -- lots of open spaces, pockets, drawers, and convenient access. Plus, it's made of sturdy aluminum and comes with wheels for easy handling. I had priced similar cases designed specifically for make-up, and couldn't see paying the prices those sites were asking when this case cost me under $100 (including shipping).

When I received the case, I thought it was rather bland and uninteresting. The texture of the aluminum was also a bit sharp, and I decided I wanted to cover it. So I did the whole case with decoupage, covering the abrasive metal with shiny make-up photos! I clipped out hundreds of high-fashion and advertising make-up images, then layered them on with decoupage paste. After 5-6 topcoats of paste, they were sealed in place. The project took about a month, and still needs a coat of sealant when the weather warms up.