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Palette Photographs

WARNING: Photos are large and may take some time to download.

10/09/2004: Here are current photographs of my palettes, specifically the 4-pan, 8-pan, and 15-pan palettes that I have filled and arranged by color. Not pictured are pre-made palettes from color collections or special releases. These photos are quite large (usually more than 100Kb each), to preserve image and label quality.

Red, Orange, and Yellow eyeshadows (15-pan)
Golden and Gold-Green eyeshadows (15-pan)
Green eyeshadows (15-pan)
Teal eyeshadows (15-pan)
Blue eyeshadows (15-pan)
Additional Teal and Blue eyeshadows (4-pan)
Purple eyeshadows (15-pan)
Pink eyeshadows (15-pan)
Burgundy and Pink-Purple eyeshadows (15-pan)
Fleshtone Neutral eyeshadows (15-pan)
Warm Neutral eyeshadows (15-pan)
Brown eyeshadows (15-pan)
Greyscale eyeshadows (15-pan)
Miscellaneous large eyeshadows (8-pan)